Outside of the Box Benefits

Statistics show that most people do not leave their jobs because of pay or lack thereof. A perceived lack of value can cause team members to seek new opportunities if they do not feel engaged or that their work is meaningful. That leaves it up to us as employers to think of benefits that are outside of the box and create value for the entire team.

Practice managers and owners must ensure that teams are challenged, motivated and valued. The question then is how do we do this if it is not always about a pay rate? There are many opportunities to reward existing team and potential team members.

Some examples of outside-of-the-box benefits include:

CE for the Entire Team

Outside-of-the-Box benefits - Team CE opportunities

Sure, we all know that dentists, assistants and hygienists can earn CE, but did you know that office team members can, too? Yes, they can, and it really does go towards something! The American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) is a great resource for dental front office team members, and they offer a Fellowship for their members that requires a certain number of CEs every year. Offering this benefit to your front office team is a great way to show them that you value them and what they do for the dental practice.

Clothing and Uniform Allowance

Outside-of-the-box Benefits: Uniform Allowance

Whether everyone on your team wears scrubs or not, a simple benefit to offer your team is a clothing allowance. This helps defer the cost of this expense from the team members, and it allows your team to coordinate colors if that is the preferred look for your practice. If desired, the front office team members can use this benefit to purchase professional clothing.

Vacation and Family Sick Time

Outside-of-the-box benefits: Vacation and Family Time

The workforce is made up of parents that are struggling to find a good job and take care of their families, and while it is understood that most dental teams need everyone present, sometimes life happens. When a child gets sick or a parent needs to help at a school function, flexibility in the schedule allows for the team to be with their families. This can be done with extra help from the entire team. Most people understand how difficult it can be to raise a family and have a full-time career. Create a benefit system that allows for the team to take care of their family, and they WILL be loyal to the practice.

Offering benefits to the team is not anything new, but thinking outside of the box for those benefits may help dental teams keep great team members. Use these suggestions or poll the team for reasonable suggestions for benefits that they might like to see added. It not only allows the team to be a part of the process, it demonstrates the practice’s willingness to go the extra mile.

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