Patterson Connect – Connecting Owners & Associates & Buyers

Are you 55 or older? Are you considering retiring in the next 10 years? Have you thought about working less? Have you thought about seeking an associate? Are you burned out? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it may be time to connect with our transitions team at Patterson. Transitions, sales, partnerships, mergers, associates, contracts…there so many possibilities and options that go into a transition. The ADA says there is a 70%  failure rate for dentists who attempt to find an associate by themselves or sell their practice on their own. Did you know that Patterson has a specific division dedicated to practice transitions and a website designed to help you get started, it’s called Patterson Connect. There you can begin your search for the right associate and connect with our transitions team to help you with your goals, or help you find a potential buyer if you wish to sell.

To begin the discussion, call Michael Elster at 1-800-444-6162 or email him at There is no cost to call him and discuss your future.