Something Fun to Know : The Top Five Worst-Tasting Dental Materials

Courtesy of Trish Walraven on

5.  Air polishing powder–Some people like the taste of baking soda, which is why this is at the high end of the list. Others, you’d think that you’d hit them with the entire Pacific Ocean with the way they wretch from the spray.

4.  Impregum Penta impression material–Fortunately this is second generation flavor is much better than the first. But what is with the aftertaste? It’s not like you can use a rubber dam when taking a full mouth impression.

3.  Viscostat hemostasis gel–Great for getting a lot of bleeding under control. Unless that bleeding is on the tongue. Then, not so great. Ultradent has addressed this notoriety by bathing their latest viscostat with mint flavor ribbons. But I’m sure you can still taste the caustic astringency that would make bleeding to death not seem so bad.

2.  Compounded tricaine topicals–This is like benzocaine on steroids. Because it is not available in a commercial formulation, you’ll have to have a pharmacy compound the gel for you. A pharmacist can whip up a pretty mean cocktail of lidocaine, prilocaine and tetracaine at a decent price.

1.  Parkell Mucohard relining material–Not only does it taste foul, it gets bonus points for heating up while it’s curing in your patient’s mouth. Parkell even cautions against leaving the patient alone for fear of spontaneous combustion.